25 Feb

Experience The Uniqueness of Lake Toba

Lake Toba otherwise called Danau Toba in Indonesia is the biggest volcanic lake (pit lake) in the world. At 100km long and 30km wide, measuring 505m its deepest point, it is sitiated in the middle of the northern part of Indonesia island of Sumatra. Lake Toba turns into one of three competitors (Komodo National Park, Krakatau Volcanic Island, and Lake Toba) for new ponders 2008 of nature voted in New 7 wonders for marvels nature category.

The magnificence of Lake Toba can’t be imagine just utilizing a picture or sentence. It will be real on the off chance that you look at by your own eyes. A scene of Lake Toba with the hills encompassing lake, make a crisp air and refresh your mind. The guests sense it with swimming around. In evening, they can see the magnificence of sunset.

There is an area called Pulau Samosir or Samosir Land in the middle of Lake Toba. It have two Lakes, they are Lake Sidhoni and Lake Natonang. The guests can achieve it using boat from Tomok town, Samosir

Lake Toba marks the site of the biggest volcanic eruption in the last 2 million years. It is similar to Yellowstone, a “resurgent caldera” or as geologist David Alt and Daniel Hyndman call this sort of spring of gushing lava, a “perfect horror”.

Lake Toba has enchantment and universe since it believed as a spot where Namboru (seven darling precursors of ethnic Batak) was remain. Before Ethnic Batak arrange costume ceremony around around the lake, they ask permission to Namboru.

Native inhabitant in parapat is Batak tribe. They are the majority of Christian religions, utilize the customary dialect and still perform the trsditional ceremony.

How to go to Lake Toba
There are two separate ways to reach Lake Toba from Medan. One way is via Brastagi in the Karo highlands and the other path is along plantation route. So when on a tour to Indonesia make it a point to visit Lake Toba and have an experience of a lifetime.

Distance voyaged time in the middle of Medan and Parapat is 4 hours by car through some little town in North Sumatra, among others, P.siantar, Tebing Tinggi etc. All through the outing we will see oil plantation and rubber plantation which is the common riches in North Sumatra.

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