Niagara Lake Toba

Perfect Getaway In North Sumatra


Local Gourmet, International Dish, Luxurious Feast

Indulge yourself with fresh array of delicacies from the chefs, with ingredients coming straight from the nature itself, cater to your appetite. Cater your appetite in one of three restaurants available for you, breakfast with the view of Lake Toba, Lunch by the pool, or romantic dinner on the indoor restaurant, all served for your choosing.

Tatap Teras

Specifically designed for your enjoyment.
Have your meals served while enjoy the spectacular scenery views of Lake Toba, also do not miss the sensational sunset from the perfect premier point.


Situated at first floor, adjacent to the swimming pool, Panatapan Restaurant is ideal for guests to enjoy the meals in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

Tabo Daina

Located directly at the lobby level makes it easy to access for dining, Enjoy the food as well as the views of the hotel and its surrounding.

Hotel Location

Hotel Niagara Parapat

Jl. Pembangunan No. 1,
Parapat 21174

T : 62 625 41028 - 41068

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Reservation & Correspondence

Jl. Guru Patimpus No. 1 X-Y
Medan 20111 - Indonesia

T: 62 61 415 8877
F: 62 61 415 5880

: +628116588771
: Hotel Niagara Parapat
: Hotel Niagara Parapat